Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Red Digitizer 3G

OK, here’s how this works.

Once we receive your device, we will send a notification of receipt email. After some administrative processing, you will receive another email from your personal technician who is handling the repair. There may be some additional emails or phone calls to ensure we are communicating the needs of your repair and meeting your expectations. Upon completion a final email will be sent confirming your item is being shipped with tracking number. Repair times will vary due to the complexity and type of device.

Expected turnaround time
1-3 Business Days

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Red Digitizer 3G

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We know it’s upsetting to break the glass in in any device. It’s okay, we can fix it for you! Our certified technicians will remove the cracked glass and replace it. The result is a screen that looks just as it did before the horrible accident happened.
If you have minor damage to your back plate, such as a dented metal corner, this will generally NOT impede our ability to repair your iPad. We fix your minor back plate dents and bent corners as a complimentary service during our repair process. The imperfections won’t be completely gone, but they will look better, and our technicians do a very nice job on this, without charging you anything extra.

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