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Nothing is more frustrating than having a laptop you rely on every day malfunction. When you need reliable and speedy laptop repair services, the iResQ team is here to help. Whether you have an Apple MacBook, a Dell or an HP laptop, we know how to find the source of the problem and can fix most issues. These are some of the most common repairs we perform for laptops.

Battery Problems

If your laptop is not holding a charge or will not charge while plugged in, you may need a new battery. However, in some cases, the charging cable may be the issue. If you have an extra charger, try using that first to see if the problem resolves. With some types of laptops, another battery issue is the computer not recognizing the battery. Also, there may be other battery problems that are more specific to a certain type of computer. For example, a problem that some Dell users experience is the battery only charging to a specific percentage and not charging beyond that point. If you have tried all the troubleshooting tips you can do at home for your specific laptop and cannot resolve the issue, our team can examine your device and find the source of the problem. We also offer battery replacement for several laptop brands.

Screen Problems

Many laptop repairs today relate to a screen issue. Perhaps your screen is cracked or broken, and you may need a replacement screen. Many laptops today have LCD screens, which are susceptible to several types of problems. The picture may be blurry or dim. You can use troubleshooting tips for some issues. For example, if you have an HP laptop that seems dimmer, you can try turning up the brightness in settings. If the picture is still dim, you may need professional laptop repair services to fix the issue. When a laptop screen is blank or black, there may be a wiring problem. It could be due to water damage or another malfunction. We offer screen repair services for a variety of screen-related issues.

Charging Port Problems

Charger port problems are often overlooked. Before investing in any new parts, it helps to check the port. It may be loose or have some dirt and debris stuck in it. The complexity of fixing a port issue depends on the laptop. For example, if the port is soldered to the motherboard, the repair is more complex. However, if the charging port can disconnect from the motherboard, it is not as complex. Our team can diagnose the source of your charger port problem and let you know what to expect for repairs and costs.

Keyboard Problems

There are several potential problems people may experience with keyboards. If you have a backlit keyboard, the light may not come on or may stay on all the time when you have it set to go off after a certain amount of time without typing on it. Keys may stick or stop working. Some common sources of laptop keyboard malfunctions include broken or bent pins, hardware issues, connection issues or system problems. The source of the problem varies depending on what the specific problem is, the brand and other factors. You can first try some troubleshooting tips to see if the problem resolves. It is better to use the manufacturer’s website or forum when trying to find instructions to run updates or troubleshoot. When troubleshooting fails, our team is here to help diagnose the source of the problem and provide keyboard repair services.

Water Damage

When liquid comes into contact with any part of your computer, the effects may be extensive. Although a single drop of water might leave your laptop unscathed, you could experience several problems if it is submerged or if you spill your drink on it. The extent and types of problems you experience often depend on how much liquid there is and how long the liquid stays in the laptop. Some common effects of water damage are screen discoloration, keyboard problems, screen problems or other components not working. Also, there may be corrosion or residue. We let you know the full extent of the damage and repair or replacement costs.

iResQ Laptop Repair

iResQ always puts your satisfaction first. We offer affordable prices and have a simple repair process. Once we receive your laptop, we inspect it, diagnose problems and fix them. Our team will tell you the cost of the laptop repair and can discuss replacement costs if that is better. We work quickly without sacrificing quality or cutting corners to ensure that you get your laptop back in a timely manner. iResQ welcomes you to contact us with any questions and try our services to experience the iResQ difference.

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