Smartphone Repair Services

Today’s smartphones are handy to have in most situations, but their small size makes them easy to damage. When your phone becomes cracked, fried or waterlogged, you can send it to us at iResQ for quick, affordable repairs that will make your device like new again.

Apple famously makes the iPhone hard for owners to repair, but our technicians have the professional tools and expertise to handle any repair job. Whether you’ve dropped your phone in the bathtub or left it in the sun too long, we can replace the damaged parts and have your device functioning perfectly for a fraction of the cost of buying a new phone.

Affordable Smartphone Repair

We offer smartphone repair services for a wide range of Samsung and Apple devices, including most Galaxy and iPhone models. Our repairs are thorough and efficient, so you can rest assured that your smartphone will function properly again when you send it to us for a fix.

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to get by without a smartphone, and going without your device for too long could make life needlessly difficult. We’ll have your phone back in your hand without any hassle so that you can return to work, play and communication as quickly as possible.

Reliable iPhone Repair

A cracked screen can make your smartphone ugly and hard to use. Moreover, replacing the screen requires special tools and professional training. Our technicians are equipped to perform flawless repairs on top mobile devices.

You could save hundreds by sending your phone to us instead of Apple for repairs. Whether your device has a fried logic board, dead charging port or extensive water damage, we’ll perform comprehensive repairs that won’t cost a fortune.

Repairs for Samsung Galaxy

The Galaxy is a wonderful device with amazing functionality. Unfortunately, it’s easy to damage this device by dropping it on the ground or leaving it in excessive heat. At iResQ, we specialize in restoring damaged Samsung devices to like-new condition. Our services include repairs for internal electronics, LCD screens, power and volume buttons, charging ports and motherboards.

A Samsung smartphone is a sophisticated piece of equipment that helps you stay connected, and with that sophistication comes vulnerability. Its sensitive parts are susceptible to damage from power surges, heat, humidity and submersion in water. The cheapest, fastest way to restore a damaged smartphone is to send it to us for a meticulous inspection and repairs.

Broken Screen Service

Many smartphone owners believe that a broken screen is difficult or expensive to repair, so they continue to use their device even with huge cracks in the touchscreen. The truth is that we at iResQ can replace a cracked LCD screen quickly and affordably.

A cracked screen can make it hard to dial numbers, browse the internet or play games. A screen with extensive damage could even be dangerous to use in certain places, such as excessively hot and humid environments. Our screen replacement service is a convenient option for smartphone owners wishing to save money.

Convenient Battery Replacement

Lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and reliable than ever, but they eventually lose their ability to hold a charge, requiring replacement. Disassembling a modern smartphone is a tricky operation that takes training and specialized tools. Without the proper equipment, you could easily damage your smartphone by attempting to replace the battery.

Furthermore, certain types of damage are irreparable, and smartphone companies design their devices to self-destruct with unauthorized repairs. Our technicians have the training needed to replace your device’s battery without triggering its self-destruct mechanism.

Smartphone Water Damage Service

Water damage is one of the few problems excluded from the Apple warranty. If you drop your iPhone in the bathtub, you can send it to us for affordable repairs. While these devices are mostly waterproof, a lengthy submersion in water can compromise the logic board.

Newer models lack the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack that made early models more prone to damage from spills. Without the headphone jack, water can’t get inside the case as easily to damage the circuitry. Nevertheless, water can still damage newer devices, and we can quickly get them back to working order.

Cracked LCD Screens

With a cracked screen, your phone can lose a lot of functionality. It may become impossible to interact with certain areas of the touchscreen or read text on the display. Most recent smartphones have big touchscreens that are fused to the case with epoxy, requiring careful heating to remove. Our fast screen repair service is much more affordable than off-warranty repairs from the manufacturer.

Whether your phone has a cracked screen, damaged ports or a dead battery, send it to us for immediate repairs without a major expense.

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