OK, here’s how this works.

Once we receive your device, we will send a notification of receipt email. After some administrative processing, you will receive another email from your personal technician who is handling the repair. There may be some additional emails or phone calls to ensure we are communicating the needs of your repair and meeting your expectations. Upon completion a final email will be sent confirming your item is being shipped with tracking number. Repair times will vary due to the complexity and type of device.

Expected turnaround time
5-7 Business Days

iPod Video Logic Board

SKU: 500029


This service covers basic to intermediate board level repairs such as power and charging issues, lack of touch functionality, LCD backlight or no image, MISC component failure, Tristar, stinger, and even liquid damage. Liquid or physically damaged boards may cost more or be declined for service depending on severity. In these rare cases we would provide an estimate for full device replacement.
Note: Due to the amount of labor involved in attempting this repair, a non-refundable bench fee of $29 is charged (success rate is around 80%).

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