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iPhone Repair Services

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Today, many people cannot afford to pay the monthly fees for Apple Care to cover potential damage to an iPhone. If you have a broken iPhone, the good news is that you do not have to pay hundreds to have it fixed at an Apple store or potentially wait a long time to get it back. There are several types of iPhone repair services that we offer to help you get your iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or any other model of iPhone functioning normally again.

iPhone Screen Repair

Almost everyone has dropped their phone and cracked the screen at least once. Depending on the severity of the crack, the phone may only be partially usable or completely unusable. There are also other types of screen malfunctions that may happen. For example, you may touch the screen and notice that nothing happens. Screen glitches can happen due to software crashes or other reasons. For any screen issue, our team can quickly diagnose the problem and perform the right iPhone screen repair or glass repair.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Another common problem iPhone users experience is a battery that dies completely or drains quickly. Although battery life issues are sometimes solved by adjusting some settings and managing apps, batteries can simply wear out. If you notice that your battery is losing its power quickly, and if troubleshooting tips do nothing to remedy the issue, we can replace the battery for you. Trying to replace the battery on your own without the right knowledge and tools can cause damage to the phone. For example, there are other delicate components near the battery, and accidentally scraping or bumping one of them could damage your phone. If that happens, you may need additional repairs beyond replacing the battery.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

Many iPhone owners experience a charging port problem. The port may be loose or damaged in a way that it does not allow proper connection to a cable. A port can also become damaged from dirt, debris or corrosion. Trying to stick objects in the charger port to remove anything that is stuck can lead to further damage. If your port is not working for any reason, our team can find out why and fix the port.

iPhone Water Damage

Can iPhones survive water damage? Yes, they often do. However, some may not turn on or may be unusable after full submersion in water. If the moisture damage is not too severe, some potential issues that can happen are apps not opening, malfunctioning speakers, booting loops and frequent freezing. If your iPhone was recently in contact with water and is not functioning correctly, we can help diagnose and potentially fix the issue.

iPhone Overheating

If your iPhone frequently overheats, there could be several reasons. It is normal for iPhones to heat up during an iOS upgrade since the process has a significant CPU demand. Other causes of high CPU use include outdated apps, using navigation apps, using graphics-heavy apps or having too many apps running in the background. While fixing those issues may help, you may still experience overheating problems. Since frequent overheating can cause permanent damage to your phone over time, it is important to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We can help you fix the issue to reduce your risks of premature wear on your phone.

iPhone Volume Issues

Another common problem among iPhone users is the volume not working. Sometimes, the fix for this issue is as simple as dragging the Ringer and Alerts sliding button back and forth several times. You can access this in your Settings menu. If you still experience issues, you may need speaker repair. The slider may appear dimmed as well, and that is often an indicator of a problem.

Easy and Carefree iPhone Repair

Our experienced technicians are ready to assist with a wide variety issues, across almost all iPhone models.  After we quickly diagnose the problem, we inform you of what we find to help you determine if it makes sense to repair it or replace it. We can also help you figure out replacement cost. Our policy is to put honesty and your needs above making a profit, which is why we offer the help of experienced technicians for an affordable price. Although our service is fast, we never cut corners in our work. iResQ is proud of our reputation, and we take the responsibility of maintaining it through superb customer service seriously.

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