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Do you have a broken iPhone? Is your iPhone 4S screen cracked or scratched beyond recognition? We have repaired thousands of broken iPhones including the iPhone 4S, from customers all around the country.

Let Certified Technicians Solve ALL of YOUR iPhone Problems with our professional iPhone repair services for anywhere in the USA!

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iResQ offers cheap iPhone repair. Being in service since 1994, iResQ has more experience than any other Apple repair service out there. Apple products are our passion, and repairing broken Apple products is what we do best.

iPhone screen repair has been a staple for iResQ and continues to be. Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, customers around the US rely on iResQ to repair your iPhone screens . Whether it involves repairing your broken iPhone screen, fixing your iPhone's cracked glass, iPhone Digitizer replacement, iPhone backplate replacement, headphone jack repair, or even iPhone Dock Connector repair, iResQ does it all. If you don't know what is wrong with your broken iPhone, iResQ offers a free diagnostic service at no charge to you. Simply ship your broken iPhone to iResQ after placing a free iPhone diagnostic order and we will diagnose and give you a repair quote for FREE!

iPhone 4S screen replacement and iPhone glass replacement is the most common repair. It only takes one drop to shatter your iPhone's screen. A broken iPhone screen with cracked glass is not only unsightly, it is unsafe to use. iResQ offers screen replacements that will fix the shattered glass on your iPhone making it good as new.

iPhone Backplate replacement or iPhone cracked backplate replacement is another common issue that iResQ specializes in. Again, it just takes one small drop to damage and crack your iPhones backplate. iResQ can replace your broken iPhone backplate for the 4S model and previous models as well.

iPhone headphone jack replacement is another specialty of iResQ. If you are hearing sound from only one side, if your headphone jack broke off inside of your iPhone's headphone jack, or if you're simply not hearing anything from the headphone jack, a headphone jack replacement may be needed for your broken iPhone.

There are many more products and services iResQ offers in addition to iPhone cracked glass repair, iPhone screen replacement, iPhone backplate replacement, or iPhone headphone jack repair services. Check out all of our iPhone repair services by clicking on the appropriate model above. Get started on the road to your iPhone 4S or earlier model's quick repair and return to functioning now!