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White iPhone 4 FAQ

  1. Does Apple sell a White iPhone 4?
    Yes. Apple released a white iPhone 4 model (Verizon and AT&T) on April 28, 2011.

  2. Are the white iPhone 4 parts that you install OEM?
    No, they are not OEM meaning they are not purchased from Apple. They are OEM-quality. They are essentially an extremely high-quality, third party replacement part. What we can tell you is that our white iPhone 4 parts are of the highest quality and are covered under warranty for 90 days through us (iResQ).

  3. What is this I hear about the color of the home button not matching the white of the rest of the iPhone?
    Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Apple delayed the release of the original white iPhone 4. We don't know. The best way to answer this question is to show you a hi-res picture of the white iPhone 4 and let you judge. Click here to view some hi-res pictures.

  4. Are there any issues with the white iPhone 4's proximity sensor?
    No. Our white iPhone parts are of the highest quality. There should be no problem with the proximity sensor. If you do encounter any issues with the proximity sensor, first try restoring and updating your iPhone 4 to the latest version of iOS. If you are still having proximity sensor issues, please visit our Returns page.

  5. Are there any issues with "light-leakage" with the white iPhone 4's?
    No. As mentioned before, we use quality parts with this service. We have personally verified that there is no light leakage with these iPhones.

  6. Is there a flash diffuser on the backplate?
    Yes. Our white iPhone 4 backplates have flash diffusers on them.

  7. Should I be concerned about washed out images taken in the dark with the flash?
    When you take a picture with this phone in really low light, you May see a slight "wash-out" effect. Please note, though, we see the same thing with the original black iPhone 4's.

  8. Are the white replacement parts under warranty?
    Yes. The replacement parts are under warranty for 90 days from iResQ. However, the original Apple warranty that came with your iPhone will be voided. This is a service that removes your Apple manufactured parts and replaces them with third party parts. Therefore your Apple warranty will be void.

  9. But I have more questions!! Who can I contact?
    Feel free to give us a call Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM (CST) at 888.447.3728.