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Tablet Repair Services

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Tablets are one of the most helpful tools for businesses today, and they’re also great for countless personal uses. Everything from paying your bill at a restaurant to entertaining a toddler is easily done on a tablet.

Whether you rely on a tablet for work or play, you want it to stay in like-new condition. Of course, that’s really hard to do with a busy (and mobile) lifestyle. Things happen, and when they do, iResQ is there to provide factory-quality tablet repair and get your device back into operation again.

Goodbye to Tablet Screen Cracks

Because our tablets can do so many things, we use them many hours a day and take them to places that aren’t necessarily all that safe for sensitive electronic equipment. It’s just the nature of portable things to get dropped once in a while, and eventually one of those drops might crack your screen.

Cracked screens aren’t just unsightly, they also interfere with proper function of your tablet. The team at iResQ knows how to get your cracked tablet screen fixed so that it looks and works like new again. In fact, screen repair is one of the most common types of tablet repair that we handle, so rest assured that we have the tools, materials, and experience to give you back a clear, crack-free screen with proper touch sensitivity.

Restoring Charging Systems

A tablet without a charge is just a paperweight. Many hours of use, especially in dusty or damp environments, can leave the contact points dirty and ineffective in your charger. We are also a little rough with tablets. If you’ve ever moved your device while it was charging and seen the cord pulling inside its port, you may have done some damage.

Whatever the reason for the problem, if you can’t maintain a consistent connection when you plug in your tablet, it’s time to check into iResQ’s charging port repair services. We’re your choice for getting all types of tablets to charge properly. Everything from an Amazon tablet to a Samsung is in our skill set. We’ll make it easy for you to get back to 100%.

Battery Replacement

Of course, it does no good to have a functioning charger if it’s connected to a bad battery. Batteries don’t last forever. In many cases, the devices that use them end up lasting much longer than the batteries. After hundreds of charging cycles, the battery in your Onn tablet, iPad, or other device may have finally reached the end of its useful life. The result is a very expensive device that’s worthless because you can’t power it up.

Unlike putting some new batteries in your smoke detector, flashlight, or other battery-powered device, changing the battery in a tablet is not an easy process. It requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and specialized tools. One small mistake could ruin your tablet permanently. Instead of taking chances on a DIY battery, let iResQ install a new battery to keep your device going for thousands more taps, swipes, and scrolls.

Services for A Full Range of Brands

Many of us operate multiple devices from several different manufacturers. You might have an Apple laptop provided by your workplace, an LG tablet used by your kids, and a Samsung phone on your personal account. That means you need contact information for three different repair providers!

To us, this is too complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we are certified to repair all kinds of devices. Whether you’re coming to us for glass repair on an Insignia tablet or dealing with a problem with your phone, we’ve got qualified technicians who can make factory-quality repairs to get your device back to normal without a long search through phone contacts or social media to find a technician for each brand.

iResQ to the Tablet Repair Rescue!

You probably feel like you carry your life on your tablet, and in many ways you do! When something goes wrong with your device, don’t scrap your tablet or try to make repairs yourself. From charger ports to battery replacement, glass repair to general tablet repair of any kind, iResQ is your best option for getting a device of any brand back to normal and ready for whatever comes next!

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