Rear/Back Facing Camera Replacement Service for iPad Air

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Camera problems with your iPad Air? You may need a back/rear facing camera replacement. Choose this iPad Air repair service now to learn more.


The iPad Air is the perfect device for taking photos on the go. When it doesn't work right, that can be disappointing. We can repair it for you though with our rear/back facing camera replacement service for the iPad Air.

About our iPad Air Repair Service for the Camera

There's no way to repair the camera except for replacing it. Our certified technicians take the camera you have in your iPad Air now and install a new one. The cameras we have for the iPad Air are high quality, so they are just as good as the one installed when you first bought your device. After installation, our techs will ensure it works perfectly before sending it back to you.

Our warranty policy is 90 days and our return policy is 30 days. Please call or email us with any questions or concerns.

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