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Macbook Repair Services

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Having an Apple MacBook is an asset to anyone who values efficiency and useful features. As time passes, some parts may wear out and warrant the need for a MacBook repair. Because these well-designed laptops are made to last a long time, MacBook repair is often the better solution than purchasing a different one. These are some of the common issues we see and repairs we perform.

Broken MacBook Screen

The screen may be broken physically or electronically. We provide MacBook screen repair for electronic issues, and we can replace a cracked or physically broken MacBook screen. A common issue that MacBook owners experience is a blue screen or a blank screen when they start the device. If the screen remains, it usually means that the MacBook froze while it was loading something. In some cases, you can solve the issue by pushing the power button and holding it down for several seconds to restart the device. Also, you can try to boot it in safe mode if that does not work. When the computer launches in safe mode, you can review and remove problematic items.

Another common screen issue is seeing a gray screen with the Apple logo. This can usually be fixed by updating software. Screen flickering is another common problem. You may be able to resolve it by running software updates if the flickering is not due to physical damage. It may also be caused by using Chrome or Firefox. When flickering is due to physical damage or something else, it is important to have a professional assess it. If your screen is black and does not turn on when you start the laptop, a professional should repair it. Our team can help figure out why your screen is not functioning and can fix the issue.

MacBook Battery Replacement

When your MacBook shuts off suddenly, it may be due to a failing battery. Sometimes, it is a different issue. If this happens several times, you can try resetting the System Management Controller first. This is often a fast and simple fix if the problem is not the battery itself. However, if the problem continues, it may be time for a MacBook battery replacement.

We do not recommend trying to accomplish this task on your own. It takes the right knowledge and tools to complete, and some people wind up damaging their laptops by trying to replace the battery on their own. Our technicians can diagnose battery issues and replace your MacBook’s battery if necessary.

MacBook Water Damage

While significant water damage can ruin some MacBooks, others can be saved if the damage is not too extensive. If you spilled water on your MacBook, you may notice several problems develop afterward. One of the most common issues is keyboard damage, and trackpad damage is also common. The screen cable may burn out and put an end to the LCD backlight. In some cases, your computer may not recognize the battery. Some people are also unable to turn on the computer. Buying a completely new MacBook is expensive, and the good news is that some MacBook water damage repairs are more affordable than buying a new one. Our professionals can diagnose the specific problems and may fix or replace the damaged parts.

Other MacBook Problems

Today, many people connect their MacBooks with earbuds, iPads or other devices. In some cases, the issue is a USB port if there are connection problems. If you notice that a device is connected and does not display on the computer, try to connect it to something else via USB. If it connects, the issue is the MacBook. Speakers, microphones and cameras sometimes stop working or do not function correctly.

If your camera is blurry, your volume is not working properly or your microphone stops working, you may need replacement parts. Whenever basic troubleshooting tips do not solve MacBook problems, our professionals can help identify the problem and provide a solution to fix it.

Fast and Reliable MacBook Repair Services

Whether you need a new battery, a new logic board or something else, we can help. Our team handles a wide range of MacBook repairs. We are familiar with many different MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. At IResQ, we always put customer needs and satisfaction before profits, which is why our prices are affordable and the quality of work is excellent.

Our team can guide you through the process of sending us your laptop to diagnose the issue. We let you know what is wrong, the estimated costs and when you can expect to receive your improved MacBook. Please contact us to learn more.

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