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iPad Repair Services

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An Apple iPad is a big purchase. A person may spend a great deal of money to receive the latest technology. Any type of device of this nature is quite delicate. If the item is dropped, the glass my shatter and require screen repair.

Also, during the course of ownership, it may suffer from water damage or experience a dead battery. Luckily, the team at iResQ can help. We offer a wide variety of iPad repair services so that you restore and protect your investment.

We “Res-Q” Your Tablet Devices

Cracks on your screen may be just the start of your problems. For example, you may be familiar with the need to hold your charger at a weird position so that the battery becomes powered. This is a taste of the things that may cause a person to consider buying a new device.

Even though individuals are tempted to splurge on new units, iPad repair is a much cheaper option. At iResQ, our team has the skills and experience to identify issues and to make top repairs at affordable prices.

Most Common iPad Repair Services

Although many things may go wrong with an Apple iPad, our business deals with some of the most common issues.

  • iPad Screen Repair

Screen cracks can cause poor performance of your device. Although a person may think that it is possible to run the device with small cracks, it can cause harm to the unit. Even the smallest opening can allow dirt and other debris to enter. Glass repair is a smart option.

A normal iPad has many layers. Even the slightest damage to any of these layers can hamper the unit’s interaction abilities. To be sure, we are able to replace screens without hassle.

  • iPad Battery Replacement

The batteries of iPads are meant to be recharged. However, this does not mean that these devices have infinite lives. There are a number of reasons why batteries fail. For example, it may be normal wear and tear that causes a battery to die. Also, the battery may no longer have the power to charge. In either case, battery replacement is necessary.

The average user will not have the tools or experience to safely change his or her iPad’s battery. An iPad is a complicated device. It is best to have a trusted and trained professional performing battery placement so that the device is not ruined.

  • Charging Port Repair

There are instances when the battery in your iPad is fine but won’t charge. In this case, the charging port is usually the source of the problem. There are different reasons why a charging port may stop working. For instance, parts may have dislodged. Also, crumbs and other particles may have become stuck. It is common for a person to take this type of the device to the beach and to get sand in the charging port. Sometimes, the port may need to be replaced. There is no reason to go out of your way and to keep your iPad in a weird position during each charging session. For your convenience, our team can perform effective charging port repairs.

  • Water Damage

It is possible to drop your iPad in a pool, sink, or toilet. When the device gets wet, it may spell doom. Our team has great success repairing water damage. We will dry, clean, and fix damage to all types of Apple devices. Throughout repair, we eliminate moisture and signs of corrosion. After diagnosing issues, we will successfully return your iPad to full function. If your device has been dropped in water and will not work, we recommend keeping it off. You should not charge it or push buttons. It is best to dry it and to contact us immediately.

For All Your iPad Repair Needs

At iResQ, we comprehend the value of your Apple devices, especially your iPad. We know that accidents happen and can cause major headaches. Our team is trained and has experience dealing with these types of problems. We want to restore your investment so that you can be up and running again. We offer a 90-day warranty on our services so that you have peace of mind knowing that everything is fixed correctly.

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