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MacBook Air Logic Board Repair

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Quick Overview

MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement Service



Your defective logic board will be replaced with a BRAND NEW Logic Board, and installed by a Certified Technician!

Choose this repair if you have:
*Distorted or No Video
*Power Issues
*Inoperable RAM Slots
*Inoperable Peripheral Ports
*Sound Issues
*Kernel Panics
*Wireless Issues
*Overheating/Fan Issues

Please note that we do not keep this part in stock. This repair may take up to a week. IMPORTANT: IF YOUR LOGIC BOARD FAILURE IS THE RESULT OF LIQUID DAMAGE OR OTHER PHYSICAL ABUSE, YOUR REPAIR MAY COST MORE.

Also, please remember to back up your data, as iResQ can not guarantee the stability of your storage device in the event of a logic board failure. Once the repair has been made, the MacBook Air is then shipped back to the customer, and that's all there is to it! A quick repair, at a price based in reality. To get started, simply add this item to your shopping cart or give us a call at 1-888-447-3728.

Warranty: iResQ 90 day Warranty
Return Policy: 30 Days for Refund


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