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iResQ iPod Nano Gen 6 Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement Service

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Choose this service if you are having issues with your iPod Nano Gen 6 headphone jack (static from headphones, no sound, or sound from only one side). One of our trusted iPod technicians will replace your broken/malfunctioning headphone jack with a brand new one!


Like any part on your iPod, the headphone jack is prone to malfunctioning or becoming damaged over time. If yours has suffered a problem, then we are here to help and get your device in perfect working condition again!

We are able to fix any defects with your iPod's headphone jack, such as the following and more:

- Audio has bad quality or a lot of static
- Uneven sound from just one side
- There is no sound
- The plug only works at abnormal angles
- The headphone jack is clogged with an object
- The jack is damaged or bent

The repair process is fast and painless. All you need to do is add this service to your shopping cart, and once the checkout is complete, we will provide shipping instructions so that you can mail in your device.

With the 1-day turnaround repair / replacement service, we ensure no one has to wait longer than the day the shop receives the iPod. We guarantee your device will be shipped back to you on the very SAME DAY we receive and repair it!

For help or comments, our contact number is 1-888-447-3728.

Warranty: iResQ 90 Day Warranty
Return Policy: 30 Days for Refund


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