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iPod Touch 4 Speaker Repair Service

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If your iPod Touch 4's built-in external speaker does not work, iResQ can fix it saving you tons of cash.


Being the only iPod that has a built-in external speaker, the iPod Touch is one of a kind. If the speaker in your iPod Touch Gen 4 no longer works or if all you hear is static or noise, chances are that the speaker needs to be replaced.

iResQ provides a speaker repair service for the iPod Touch that saves you time and money. All it takes is for you to order this repair service and follow the shipping instructions.

Once we receive and repair your iPod Touch, we will ship it right back out to you in record time.

Of course, if you have any questions about this repair or service, give is a call at 888-447-3738.

iResQ 90 day Warranty
Return Policy:
30 Days for Refund


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