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Free iPod Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate

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Quick Overview

24 Hour iPod Diagnostic Service


If you don't know what is wrong with your iPod or if you need a repair quote (*read below), this is the service for you!

If you think you need a logic board repair, we will provide you with a logic board replacement quote once we receive and evaluate your iPod. Here is what our Diagnostic service entails:

1. Once the order has been made and we receive your iPod, we perform an extensive diagnosis to figure out exactly what is wrong with your iPod.

2. After we diagnose the iPod, we will contact you with a repair quote within 24 hours of receipt during the business week.

3. If you approve the repair, we fix your iPod and ship it back to you. Should you decline repair after diagnosis, we will ship back your iPod with whatever method of shipping you chose for your initial order. We are also happy to recycle your iPod for you at no additional charge.

And that is all there is to it! With our diagnostic service, we assure that you will experience the fastest iPod diagnosis and repair service in the world!

*If your iPod is experiencing the following issues, you may have a bad logic board and will need a diagnosis/repair quote:

-The iPod is displaying an image of an iPod with a sad face
-You can not hear audio from the headphone jack and/or from a docking station
-The iPod does not hold or take a charge
-The iPod does not power on

If your iPod shows any of the signs up above, you more than likely need to have your logic board replaced. It is worth noting that just because your iPod displays any or even all of the symptoms above, doesn't mean that your logic board is the problem. Other things could be the root of the problem so a detailed diagnostic would need to be performed in order to properly diagnose your iPod with a bad logic board.

OR if you suspect that there has been liquid or water damage to your device, please read more info on liquid and water damage.

Note regarding NANO GEN 3 Repairs: All nano 3 repairs require us to replace your back casing with a new back casing due to the nature of the repair.


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