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iPod Nano Gen 5 Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement Service

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If you are having issues with your iPod Nano Gen 5 headphone jack (static from headphones, no sound, or sound from only one side) this service is for you. One of our trusted iPod technicians will replace your broken/malfunctioning headphone jack with a brand new one!


Has this ever happened to you? You are happily listening away to music on your iPod and the sound suddenly drops in quality or develops a crackly or static sound to it. Or you discover that your headphone jack has been bent out of shape or there's an object in there that is totally blocking the jack. These are exactly the type of problems our iPod Headphone Jack repair / replacement service fixes!

If you would like us to repair your defective iPod input jack, then simply add this service to cart using the button provided on this page and complete the checkout steps. Then just follow the shipping instructions we provide you.

As soon as your iPod arrives at our shop, we will commence repairs and finish them on the same day. But that's not all! We will also ship your repaired iPod back to you on the SAME DAY too. Talk about super fast service!

Don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-447-3728 with any questions or comments.

Warranty: iResQ 90 Day Warranty
Return Policy: 30 Days for Refund


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