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iPhone 8 Camera Removal Service

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Can't bring your phone to work because of the camera? We'll take the back camera out for you and disable the front, so you can use it whenever you want wherever you are each day.


Some businesses do not allow employees to bring in their iPhone because of the camera installed in it. Since this causes problems for employees, there is a solution we are offering – iPhone 8 camera removal.

With our iPhone 8 camera removal service, you will no longer have a back (outward facing) camera in your iPhone. The front camera cannot be removed because it has other components on the assembly, but it can be disabled and both camera lenses can be covered. This will satisfy most workplace requirements.

You can show your employer or security officer the phone and they will be able to see there is no camera. They can even bring up the camera app and see that it is unable to take pictures. If needed, we can provide a letter stating the cameras have been removed.

Add this iPhone 8 camera removal service to your cart today. We perform this iPhone 8 service within 24 hours of receiving your device, so you can get it back in the least amount of time possible.


Product SKU: IPH8-CR