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iPhone 3G S 8GB Logic Board Repair/Replacement Service

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Quick Overview

Replace your iPhone 3G S 8GB Logic Board. Please click the iPhone 3G S 8GB Logic Board Repair/Replacement Service link for more details about this repair before proceeding.


A bad or broken logic board can be the cause of multiple problems with your iPhone. Listed below are some things that can be the result of a bad logic board:

*No Wifi
*Charges but does not sync
*No reception (This means never any reception at all, not just poor reception)
*Does not boot past the Apple icon
*The iPhone does not power on
*Does not recognize the sim card

If your iPhone shows any, but not limited to, of the signs up above, you more than likely need to have your logic board replaced. It is worth noting that just because your iPhone displays any or even all of the symptoms above, doesn't mean that your logic board is the problem. Other things could be the root of the problem, so a detailed diagnostic would need to be performed in order to properly diagnose your iPhone with a bad logic board.

IMPORTANT: IF YOUR LOGIC BOARD FAILURE IS THE RESULT OF LIQUID DAMAGE OR OTHER PHYSICAL ABUSE, YOUR REPAIR MAY COST MORE. Additionally, if you order this repair, ALL of the data on the iPhone WILL be lost as the data is stored on the logic board

Next-Day Turnaround: With the iResQ iPhone Logic Board repair program, your iPhone 3G S will be repaired and shipped the SAME DAY it is received!

Once the repair has been made, the iPhone 3G S is then shipped back to the customer, and that's all there is to it! A quick repair, at a price based in reality. To get started, simply add this item to your shopping cart or give us a call at 1-888-447-3728.


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