New iPad (3rd Gen | 2012) Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement Service

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Your defective iPad Gen 3 headphone jack will be replaced with a BRAND NEW HEADPHONE JACK!


If you think your headphone jack is damaged this is the repair service you will need. With this repair service, we will replace your broken/malfunctioning headphone jack with a brand new one. Everything you hear should be crystal clear!!

If you are kind of unsure if you need a headphone jack replacement, read through this list of symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these, this repair should solve your problem:
-Everything sounds like static through your headphones
-Something is stuck in the headphone jack or a headphone jack is broken inside
-If sound is coming out of only one side
-No sound at all is coming out of your headphones

We offer Next Day turnaround with this repair. This means we will fix and ship your iPad back out to you the SAME DAY we receive it!

iResQ 90 day Warranty
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30 Days for Refund


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