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iPad Mini 4 Broken Glass/Screen/LCD Repair Service - ANY COLOR

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When your iPad Mini 4 screen cracks, you'll need to have the screen replaced. Find out how easy and affordable it is to get that done with our certified technicians.


When the iPad Mini 4 drops to the ground or something falls on it, the screen is likely to break. Something that produces such a rich display has to be delicate. Luckily, you can have the screen easily replaced by our certified technicians.

About Our iPad Mini 4 Screen Repair Services

When you order our iPad 2 screen repair services, our certified technicians will remove the screen on your iPad carefully. They have been fully trained and have a lot of experience working on iPads. Once it's removed, they will install a brand new screen. They will test out your device and the package it for shipment.

The Mini 4 is designed in such a way that the digitizer and lcd come fused together from the factory. For this reason you can't replace simply the digitizer itself or the lcd itself. Anyone who has this approach to a repair will see poor results and perhaps unusable iPad.

When you receive your iPad Mini 4, you'll be amazed at how nice and new it looks. We only use the best quality parts when we do our repairs because that matters.

Please know that we value our customers' satisfaction. For this reason, we offer a 90 day warranty and 30 day return policy.

For more information about this repair or any of our other iPad Mini 4 repair services, please call or email us.

Otherwise, add this iPad Mini 4 screen repair service to your cart now.


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