iPad Air Screen Repair Service

iPad screen repair is our specialty at iResQ. We service every model of iPad including the iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, and Air. As people begin using their iPad Air more, they are having accidents or issues they need repaired. That’s where we come in. We’ve already had many iPad Air devices come through our office in Olathe, Kansas, and we’re expecting many more.

Customers choose us because of our professional quality service. We aren't a fly-by-night garage company that will be gone in a few weeks -- we've been in the business since 1994 and still going strong. Can you say that about any other internet based company, or the local "guy" at your mall kiosk or Craig's List? We offer a streamlined approach to ordering our iPad Air repair service. Simply add it to your cart, choose your shipping method, print out the emailed shipping label, and send it to us. Our certified technicians receive your device, repair it easily with quality parts, and send it right back to you.

Our customers have turned to iResQ countless times to receive a high quality repair by experienced technicians. Our prices are low, and our turnaround is fast. Don’t take our word for it though; read what our customers say about it.

As you can see, our customers are satisfied with our service, and we are ready to take care of you in the same way.

Ordering from iResQ is simple.

We’ll show you how to order the iPad Air screen repair service.

All you have to do is go to iPad Air Repair Services. What you’ll see on that page is a list of repair services for the iPad Air.

To replace your screen, you will need to click on the second or third option, depending on if you have a black or white iPad Air.

If you click on the black iPad Air Broken Glass/Screen Repair Service, you will see the ordering page.

All you have to do is click on Add to Cart. You will then go to the page where you can confirm your order, enter a coupon code, and then proceed to checkout. At the time of checkout, you will be able to choose the shipping method you like best out of the 7 we offer!

Want a Lower Price?

Apple’s warranty does not cover user damage. To have your iPad Air fixed by them, it will cost you $299 and $6.95 for shipping. No one ever wants to pay that, which is why we fix it for less.

iResQ only uses the highest quality parts because we know these are the best. We don’t want you to overpay for them though. Many iPad Air repair providers will charge you more than $250 because they know a new iPad is in the range of $500-800 but we charge way less than that.

Some people have found lower prices for replacing an iPad Air screen, but they usually end up finding out the quality of the parts and service is low. Low quality parts break easier, are much more brittle and weak, and they also do not have the touch performance of quality parts. They typically don't work for the full life of the iPad either, which means you might just end up wasting your money. With iPad repairs, you do get what you pay for, and with iResQ you get a good price that reflects the quality of our parts and technicians.

To help you with the cost, here’s a coupon code you can use on your first purchase with us.


You may be tempted to try to replace the screen yourself. We recommend not doing that, and we are not the only one. Stan Schroeder from Mashable reported on November 1, 2013, that iFixit has warned people to not try it yourself. Here’s a direct quote from the article Schroeder wrote:

The gadget-disassembling crew from iFixit has gotten its paws on Apple's new iPad Air, and they have some bad news for do-it-yourself repairmen: it's very, very hard to open and repair.

…as exchanging nearly any part of the iPad Air is tough to do without damaging the device. While the LCD is relatively easy to remove, the front panel is glued to the rest of the device and the battery is very hard to remove due to large amounts of adhesive used to hold parts together.

Opening your iPad Air to replace the screen yourself could end up causing you to trash it. It’s easy to do the wrong thing to make it a brick (unrepairable). You don’t want to spend another $500+ on a new one.

Your iPad Air Will be in Good Hands

It can be difficult to let go of your iPad to a company you don’t know about, but we believe our customers tell it like it is, and can help you feel more comfortable about trusting us with your iPad Air repair order.

Our technicians are ready to provide you exceptional iPad Air screen repair service. Click here now to get started. The faster you order your repair and mail it in, the sooner you’ll get your iPad Air back as good as new.