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iPad 2 Bezel Repair Service (Black/White)

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If the bezel (or plastic gasket that lies between the screen and the back case) is damaged, iResQ can fix it!



If your iPad 2 needs of a screen or glass repair, there is a chance that the bezel may need to be replaced as well.

So what exactly is the iPad's "Bezel" and why would you need it replaced? The bezel is a thin, plastic gasket that is placed in between the screen and the back casing. This part is essential to the iPad as it serves multiple purposes. First off, it allows the screen to fit snuggly on the iPad. Secondly, it acts as a tight barrier that helps prevent dust or liquid from entering the iPad between the screen and the back casing.

Sometimes when your iPad screen is cracked due to a fall, the bezel can get damaged as well. There might be gaps in the bezel or it might just crack.

If you are not sure if your broken iPad needs a new bezel, no worries. You can just order a screen repair. One of our many technicians will then let you know if replacing the bezel is necessary.

Still have questions? No problem! a member of your support staff is here to help. Just give us a call at 888-447-3728.

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