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8x Double-Layer SuperDrive Repair/Replacement for all Unibody MacBooks and Unibody MacBook Pros

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I want you to install a NEW 8X Double-Layer SuperDrive!


Optical drive rejecting CDs? Failing to burn data to blank media? Not ejecting? Your defective superdrive will be replaced with a new superdrive by one of our certified technicians if it has any of the following symptoms:

-Does not accept media
-Does not eject media
-Does not burn to blank media
-Clicks or makes grinding noises
-A helpful toddler has inserted an object into the drive slot

Whenever possible your drive will be replaced by the same model. If your current model is not available, an upgrade will be made at no additional charge. When the repair is completed your MacBook Pro will ship within 24 hours via the FedEx method you choose. To get started simply add this product to your shopping cart or call us at 888-447-3728.

Warranty: iResQ 90 day warranty on parts and service
Return Policy: 30 days for refund/return


Product SKU: N-678-0584