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Google Nexus 7 I/O Cable/Dock (A/C) Connector, & Headphone Jack Replacement Service

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This repair covers several components, the headphone jack and the charging port. Read more about the reasons why customers send us their tablet for this repair.


If your headphone jack isn't acting right, or you are having trouble charging your tablet, you may need this Google Nexus 7 repair service.

Some of the reasons why customers send us their Nexus 7 for a nexus 7 i/o cable replacement include:
* The audio from the headphone jack is unclear or only static is heard
* The headphone jack is loose or appears damaged
* The Audio is only playing out of one side of the headphones.
* The tablet does not take a charge or sync properly, or the docking port appears damaged.
* If the tablet does not power on at all, it may require a charging port replacement.

If you need a headphone jack or docking port replacement, simply send your Nexus 7 to us. Our certified technicians will replace the broken i/o cable, and After testing to make sure it's in good working order, we'll send it back to you. If we receive your tablet between Monday and Friday, we can perform this repair and send it back to you within 24 hours.


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