Free Tablet Diagnostic and Repair Service

Free Tablet Diagnostic and Repair Service

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Are you unsure what is wrong with your tablet and need a diagnostic and a repair quote? If so, iResQ can diagnose and provide you with that repair quote for free.


More can go wrong with your tablet than just a cracked screen. The USB charging port can go bad or motherboard can get wet and malfunction amongst other things. If your tablet is not working and you need a repair quote, we can provide that for you for free.

With this diagnostic service, we will diagnose and contact you the same day we receive the device. If you choose to repair the tablet, we will repair and ship it right back to you. If you decide on not going through with the repair on the tablet, we can ship it back to you at no additional cost. We'll even recycle the tablet for you if you want us to!

Just place the order for this diagnostic service and follow the instructions. If you have any questions along the way, just contact us.