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Free iPod Nano 3 Diagnostic and Repair Quote

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Quick Overview

If you have an iPod Nano 3 and are unsure what is wrong with it, we can provide you with a free diagnosis and price quote here.


If your Nano Gen 3 is not working for some reason and you are unsure what is wrong with it, we can diagnose and give you a repair quote for FREE.

Here is how it works:

1. You order this free diagnostic service and follow the shipping instructions we provide you.
2. We receive and diagnose your iPod. We provide you with the repair quote.
3. You decide if you want it fixed.

If you elect to have your iPod repaired, we will repair and ship it back to you. If you do not want to go through with the repair, we will then ship the iPod back to you at no extra charge.

**NOTE** ALL NANO GEN 3 REPAIRS REQUIRE US TO REPLACE YOUR BACK CASING. Due to the way the Nano Gen 3 is built, in order to repair it, the back casing must be removed, destroying it in the process. This is a repair industry standard for this specific iPod. The cost of all repairs include a new, replacement backplate.


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