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Free Diagnostic Evaluation Service for Apple iPhone 6S

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Not sure what's wrong with your iPhone 6S? We'll figure it out for you!


You’ve had your iPhone 6S for a while, and you haven’t had any problems up until now. You’re not sure what’s wrong with it, or what to do about it. The good news is that we are here for you. We will figure out what is wrong with it and let you know what you can do about it.

Many people turn to us when their iPhone 6S isn’t functioning as it did when they first bought it. The phone’s button may not work, the Wi-Fi may not be connecting, or the sound isn’t working well. Our certified technicians usually have an idea what is going on with it as soon as they hear the symptoms, but to be sure they put the phone through a series of tests. Those tests are what will determine exactly what is wrong and then what will need to be done to fix it.

Once the diagnostics are done, we will call you to discuss our findings. We will give you a price for the repairs needed to bring your iPhone 6S to its original state. If you choose to have it repaired, you can give us the go ahead on the phone. If not, we will package it up as is and send it back to you.
Add this FREE diagnostics service for the iPhone 6S to your cart today. We look forward to helping you with your device.