Ye Olde Pizza Shoppe

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Man I am craving some Ye Olde Pizza Shoppe. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a really good Pizza restaurant here in Kansas City. It is now called “PIZZA SHOPPE” but I refuse to refrain from using the Olde English name of yore.

They have this awesome salad dressing. I think it’s just called “the Pink Stuff”. It is so good. It’s this creamy pink dressing that I love dearly. The pizza is pretty good too, I might add.

I like to strap on the olde iPod Video and ride my bike over to Ye Olde Pizza Shoppe for lunch every now and again. If you’re ever in KC be sure to get some YOPS while you’re in town. The king demanditeth it of ye.

Have a great day…


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