Y2K 2.0 aka Alarmgate

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Hello all,

Just dropping in briefly today (we’re swamped) to discuss the latest Apple “bug” that was reported by users on Jan. 1.

Most of you have already heard by now, but some kind of glitch kept some iPhone 4 alarms from sounding on Jan. 1. Alarm clocks can be pretty important, and this is the second time there has been a reported issue with Apple’s alarm clock functions.

I personally use the iPhone 4 as my alarm clock, and so far it has not done me wrong. However, I frequently wake up before it goes off so I haven’t been affected by either of the reported issues yet. I kind of wish I had slept in on Sunday though and avoided watching the Chiefs getting killed by the Raiders.

There have been many articles, mostly satirical, about how the iPhone alarm bug has ruined people’s lives. Take a look at Google news right now or here are a couple of links to give you a taste:

Apple iPhone Alarm Fails, World Ends
iPhone Alarm Problem Brings Ailing U.S. Economy to Standstill

And here’s a link to the Apple discussion on the subject:

Topic : iPhone 4 alarm not working since 01.01.2011

OK — Back to work… I hope everyone is having a great New Year! Talk to you again soon.

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