Winter Sports Weekend!

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Hi all,

Just dropping in quickly to tell you about my busy weekend… and it happened to be a sports filled weekend. If you are a sports enthusiast like myself, you’ve probably had a lot of weekends like mine.

First off, you can see a few pictures from my weekend by clicking here.

Now, to explain these pictures… The first two are pictures from my stop on Friday night — a hockey rink in Independence, Missouri. It’s about a half-hour drive from my house and there is a new team playing there called the Missouri Mavericks — not to be confused with the Mid-Missouri Mavericks baseball team that played in Columbia. Anyway, if you’re in the area it is a pretty fun time. Local celebrity Holly Starr was there along with the Golden Girls (not the show, but the University of Missouri’s cheerleaders who wear shiny gold outfits). The hockey was fun to watch and they had a lot of exciting things going on to get the crowd involved. I can’t wait to go back.

As you can see from the remaining three pictures, I went to Arrowhead to witness the Chiefs’ loss to the Broncos. That is a sore subject so I have nothing else to say about that one.

Back to work! We are flooded with repairs for the Holiday season. Let us know if we can help with anything iPhone, iPod, MacBook, PSP, or general Apple products and have a great week!

Talk to you soon,

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