Who needs a stylus?

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This is only a rant. I repeat, this is only a rant. The opinions of this particular blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of iResQ. Just Keith. 

I keep on seeing ads for phones that come with a stylus.  The question I ask is, what for?  Who wants to have a phone with a stylus nowadays?  iPhones, iPod Touchs, and iPads have pretty much proven that touch based gestures are the new norm.  The only real benefit that I  can derive from having a stylus for my iPhone would be to use it with the awesome app, Draw Something.  Other than Draw Something, there is simply no need for a stylus.  Even at that, Draw Something is easy enough to use with just your finger.  The Samsung Galaxy Note? C’mon man! I bet most people who own that phone are going to lose their stylus within a month or two.

I’ll admit, before I owned an iPhone, I had an LG VU.   This touch based phone had one major perk, TV anywhere.  Other than that, the touch screen was pretty much crap. Typing a text message was cumbersome, clunky, and downright annoying. Using a stylus with it would have been beneficial. It’s understandable if touch screen devices want to mask their flaws by asking their users to use a stylus, but that is just what it sounds like; an excuse.  Make a better touch screen!

Here are my two cents, if your going to use a stylus with a mobile device of any kind, it better be with a Nintendo 3DS.  Anything other than that is downright silly.

I’m done with my rant. Carry on.


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