What not to do when your iPhone gets wet

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A recent press release from an electronic device insurance specialist provided some advice to users who suddenly find themselves with a soaked iPhone.

One of the first tips the press release provided is for consumers to avoid using microwaves to dry their smartphones. The press release explained that the radiation from microwaves can fry the phone’s electronics. Not only would it ruin the phone, but it could start a fire as the microwaves bounce off the metal parts of the phone.

Using a hairdryer to dry a wet smartphone isn't a good idea either. While it may seem like it would blow that water away, the heat will likely mess up the phone’s internal operations. Avoid directly putting heat on the device.

Desk lamps can get pretty hot, even if you don’t realize it. And while the heat may not melt the phone’s plastic parts, it is hot enough to damage the internal circuits.

According to an October WebProNews article, water is one of the main causes of damage to iPhones. The article noted that 43 percent of all accidents in the home involve water. It also noted that 5 percent have left iPhones in the washer and 9 percent have dropped their smartphones in the toilet.

No matter how your device gets wet, avoid fixing it yourself. Instead, send contact iResQ and let your iPhone repair be undertaken by professionals.

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