Meet The Team

Nick Crosby, President Nick Crosby, President

Nick Crosby


After a 30-year military career, some people might sit back and relax for a bit. Nick, however, decided to jump head-first into a new venture; bringing with him his leadership and training background to grow iResQ into a premier device repair depot. As President, Nick focuses on refining processes and methodologies and managing projects to … Continued
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Michelle Crosby, CEO Michelle Crosby, CEO

Michelle Crosby


Prior to joining iResQ, Michelle’s 25 years of experience included working with military spouses and organizations, serving as a board member, and coordinating a staff of over one hundred volunteers. Most recently, Michelle spent six years working with Beyond the Dog where she saw the company grow from a staff of 4 at one location … Continued
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Dustin Smith, COO Dustin Smith, COO

Dustin Smith


With over a decade at iResQ under his belt, Dustin can be considered an expert at just about every aspect of our day-to-day operations! His background as an electronics technician and carpenter provided a strong foundation and solid work ethic on which to build his skills which we find invaluable here at iResQ. Equal parts … Continued
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Alex Diekemper, Team Lead, Laptop Team Alex Diekemper, Team Lead, Laptop Team

Alex Diekemper

Team Lead, Laptop Team

Alex has worked at iResQ since 2021, and in that time has grown from Technician to Team Lead thanks to his technical expertise and willingness to chip in wherever and whenever help is needed! A few little-known facts about Alex “D” include that he was a blacksmith for over 3 years, he enjoys the occasional … Continued
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Lucas Readman, Manager, Tablet Team Lucas Readman, Manager, Tablet Team

Lucas Readman

Manager, Tablet Team

Lucas’ institutional knowledge, dedication, and loyalty are what make him an integral part of day-to-day operations at iResQ. And, if you’re looking for the biggest University of Kansas fan within our crew, look no further than this man right here. With over a decade at iResQ, Lucas has rarely been spotted without some article of … Continued
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Wyatt Staffa, Manager, Laptop Team Wyatt Staffa, Manager, Laptop Team

Wyatt Staffa

Manager, Laptop Team

Wyatt has been an iResQ team member since 2016, and in that time has learned just about everything there is to know about laptop and desktop repair. Despite his near-constant coffee consumption, Wyatt is always quite “zen” and is rarely seen without his signature toe shoes. iResQ employees needing a custom part or gadget turn … Continued
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Alex Buis, Team Lead, Tablet Team Alex Buis, Team Lead, Tablet Team

Alex Buis

Team Lead, Tablet Team

Alex is the man to talk to you if you need to know anything about programming, video games, emerging technologies, or tablet repair! Since he joined iResQ in 2020, he’s grown to become an invaluable leader who manages to balance keeping people on task while making things fun. Even more so than most “techie” types, … Continued
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Ramsey Heer, Team Lead, Laptop Team Ramsey Heer, Team Lead, Laptop Team

Ramsey Heer

Team Lead, Laptop Team

Ramsey’s degree in sociology (with an emphasis in criminology) may not, on the surface, seem like it would be a natural fit for repairing laptops. However, Ramsey’s background helps him view every repair with an analytical eye as he excels at fixing even the most challenging devices. In his free time, Ramsey enjoys playing new … Continued
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Nina Heer, Customer Relations Specialist

Nina Heer

Customer Relations Specialist

If you visit our Olathe, KS depot or call us on the phone, you’re likely to be greeted by Nina’s friendly smile and helpful demeanor! Her background in education gives her an innate ability to explain technology in an easy-to-understand way which instantly puts our customers at ease.  As our former quality control specialist, Nina … Continued
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EJ Readman

Senior Purchasing Agent

Meet EJ, a dedicated 10-year Army Veteran with a passion for hockey. Having served his country with honor and integrity, he now excels as the iResQ Purchasing Agent, leveraging his strategic mindset and attention to detail in the world of technology parts. When he’s not closing deals and managing procurement, you can find EJ cheering … Continued
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Ace, Staff Support Dog Ace, Staff Support Dog


Staff Support Dog

Ace is a four-year-old Australian Shepherd who is happy to be on hand and under foot overseeing the day-to-day snacking habits of all iResQ employees. He gives excellent hugs and is always ready with a goofy smile (sans one lower canine tooth – it’s a long story) to brighten up someone’s day.
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