Well, Eric stole my thunder

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Eric stole my thunder about the chiefs, so I’ll keep that to a minimum even though I’m significantly PO’d if you will, about our horrible team.  So anyway, we got the new iPods in, and yes I’m still very impressed with that orange nano.   I think I’m gonna buy one for my girlfriend.  The new touch, Shuffle etc. are nice as well.  Guess I should add that we don’t really work on the Shuffle, but I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention the little fella.  In other news we lowered our pricing on iPod hard drives and iPhone 3G LCD/Digitizer replacement.  Look for other positive changes happening soon.

This week’s special I’ll go ahead and offer 10 bucks off any REPAIR ORDER again – email QPON code ‘PLAYER‘ (you’ll get the idea after you watch the video below) to me at mick@iresq.com.  This does not apply to Diagnostic services!  QPON expires a week from today, Wed. 10/1!  I guess this has been a pretty straight-on blog for me.  Sort of weird.  I like doing more random stuff typically,  so please do enjoy this music video. Have a magically soft-rock week.

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