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Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho everybody. That’s right- I’m posting two days in a row. Hooray for me. Ok, ok. Settle down. Now get excited again. The 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference has been officially announced. And the big surprise location is……………. California! Sorry if the sarcasm is a little thick this morning. Seriously though, if any of you out there are planning on heading to San Francisco to get a peek at what Apple is going to be offering, not to mention Steve himself, then you are more fortunate than I. After all the OSX changes over the last year, and the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone, this year’s conference could mean big developments for the iPhone and its iPod cousins alike. For all the info available at this point, take a look at Apple.com.

I realized yesterday that with Mick gone there was no one to offer his weekly deal of a lifetime. So here you go. Anyone who can email me the first line in the song that I alluded to in the title of this blog gets $25 off a MacBook LCD screen repair. Now I gotta go; I have to go pour one out for my two fallen homies.

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