We Have Liftoff!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Did you watch the launch of Atlantis today? It was a sight to see, and a proud moment for all Americans. What a great way to finish off the 4th of July festivities! Just make sure you had your fill of baseball and bbq in there somewhere before you let go of the holiday.



Watching the launch reminds me of watching our business here at iResQ in the last year or so. It has really taken off alongside the success of Apple’s products. All I can say is that I’m proud to be part of such a great bunch of people and a great team!




Back to work… make sure you watch the launch video if you haven’t already. Remember, if you need us, we’re available throughout the work week by phone, email, and live chat on our website. We are here to handle all your iPod, iPhone, MacBook, and lately a ton of iPad repairs. Wow, I am talking a LOT of iPad repairs.

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