Water damage: What iPhone owners can do

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The toilet, Lake Michigan, a puddle on the side of the street – these are just any number of places where an iPhone could be dropped into water and be in need of iPhone repair services. Before doing that, however, many will try any number of methods to get their devices to start working again. One of the more unique ways is by using Silica gel, according to Know Your Mobile.

Silica gel is a moisture-absorbing substance that can be found at arts and crafts shops or even a local electronics store. After shaking the device to get out all the water possible, especially in the ports and sockets, iPhone owners can then take all of the packets of Silica gel they can around the phone and put it in a sealed bag for three days.

Once that is finished, plug the iPhone into the PC and do a restore from iTunes. Following these steps gives owners a chance of getting their device up and running again.

A way that many smartphone users try to dry their phones when they drop their device in some water is by putting it in a container with rice. Despite all of the rumors of the success of this method, it doesn't work, Scarborough Mirror reported. 

“The sad truth is that while rice can soak up the excess liquid around the phone, it doesn't work for the liquid already in the handset,” the source stated. “And what ends up happening is that the liquid left in the handset corrodes the phone causing it to weaken on the inside, slowly damaging certain functions on your phone.

Usually an iPhone owner's best bet when dropping their phone in water is sending it to a repair shop. IResQ offers all kinds of cell phone repair services, including for both Apple and Android devices.

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