Vaya Con Dios, Amigos.

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Hey readers. Our friend Mick usually posts on Wednesday, but I’m filling in while he’s south of the border, roasting his pasty-white Scottish bald head in the Yucatan sun. I don’t have much to tell you in the way of sales news, so I’ll get right to the good stuff. I’m sure some of you have a friend or co-worker or aunt/uncle/etc. who comes home from vacation, immediately develops their rolls and rolls of pictures and can’t wait to suck everyone in proximity into their post-traveling emotional high by showing off how they swam with the dolphins or held up the leaning tower of Pisa. Or chased a flock of sheep across a Scottish prairie. No comment.

Anyway, I thought it would fun to hit Mick before he even has a chance to open up his MacBook and upload his SD card to his iPhoto library. Send your best vacation pics to, but wait until Monday so they don’t get distributed to the rest of the sales department. It should go without saying that they have to be appropriate, but by all means, the weirder the better. And bonus points if you can get an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or other Apple product into the picture. Good luck.

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