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By now you probably have heard/seen that Apple has announced new iPod Shuffles, Nanos and Classics.     I for one have very strong emotions for the new Nano.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about the Nano:


Just to put things in perspective, this is how I felt after my Chiefs lost last Sunday:


I really like that orange Nano.    I love that they went back to the rounded design.   To me, it is so much more sleek.    8G for 149.00 isn’t a bad deal at all.    I think I may get one.

In the meantime, things are going great here at iResQ.    I’m still wondering where my promised autographed Ric Flair poster is after working with a friendly gentleman at WWE a few weeks ago.

While I’m thinking about it, for this week only, Wed 9/10 – Wed 9/17, email me the QPON “FLAIR” to and I’ll take 10 bucks off of your repair order.   This does NOT apply to any diagnostic service – only REPAIRS.

Have a great week – go Chiefs

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