Updated iBooks makes the cloud a library

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Apples and worms have always gone hand-in-hand, and, at its media event on October 23, Apple made it clear that the company has one set of worms in mind: bookworms. During an event that debuted a range of new products, Apple CEO Tim Cook took time to highlight a series of updates to the company’s e-reader app, iBooks.

Cook began by plugging the success of iBooks to date, noting that the bookstore offers more than 1.5 million books and that customers have made 400 million book downloads since the app launched. The latest version, iBooks 3.0, is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 5 or higher.

The updated app can store books in iCloud as well as locally, and Apple is also enabling free updates, such as new chapters and corrections, to already purchased books. Readers can now choose to scroll vertically through text rather than flipping horizontal pages, a feature CNET’s Scott Stein compared to Instapaper.

The app enables sharing text via email and social media, as well as dictionary lookup for German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. In total, it supports more than 40 different languages.

The only problem with using iBooks instead of regular books is that a cracked screen or a dead battery can make a cliffhanger particularly suspenseful. Fortunately, with iPad repair from iResQ, it’s no problem to get back to enjoying all the bestsellers in your digital library.

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