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Well, the dust has been gradually settling from the departure of Steve Jobs, and his memorial service/celebration can be viewed on You may have noticed that retail stores were closed briefly so all employees could observe the memorial. Said Apple CEO Tim Cook:

“The last two weeks for me have been the saddest in my life by far. But I know Steve. And Steve would have wanted this cloud to lift for Apple and our focus to return to the work that he loved so much. So it’s with that spirit, that we wanted to get the entire company together today to celebrate Steve’s extraordinary life and many accomplishments he had across his life.”

Too right, Tim. The last few decades wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Speaking of the last few decades, today marks a special and slightly unusual anniversary in the history of professional sports. Twenty five years ago today, this happened:

Surely a day that lives in New England infamy. I might feel bad if, since that day, Boston hadn’t won two World Series, three Superbowls, a Stanley Cup and an NBA championship. So no complaining.

Have a great week everyone, and be safe this Halloween weekend. Kudos if any of you are going as Mookie Wilson.

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