Travel through history with these Passbook tickets

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While Starbucks recently made it possible to store its gift cards in iOS 6’s new Passbook app, the range of other passes, cards and tickets currently available in the app has been noticeably slim. If you want to pad your virtual wallet a little bit, though, there are some entertaining new options, reported.

Passbook ticket developer FIon Solutions released a set of historical tickets and fun passes that users can add to the app. Options include fictional tickets for Charles Lindbergh’s plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, Christopher Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria, and the Titanic, as well as historic events such as the premiere of the first “Star Wars” movie and the Ford’s Theater play where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Some lighthearted coupon options that 9to5mac posted included passes for getting a phone number or winning an argument.

For iPhone users who want something real in their Passbook app, the Gyft app allows you to add gift cards to your account, ZDNet reported.

If your “trip” on the Titanic or visit to Ford’s Theater ends with a broken iPhone, you can rely on iPhone repair from iResQ to get your device running smoothly to prepare for more fantastic voyages.

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