Travel apps useful tools for vacationers

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Everyone is trying to fly the coup and get out of their home town for a little bit in the next few months. CNET said there are certain apps for the iPad that may be able to help people get more out of their trip. Those who have a slightly or fully broken tablet should look to get iPad repair before they leave for a trip to ensure the device will work the entire time.

Apps suggested by the news source include TripIt, allows travelers to consolidate and share travel information; TripAdvisor, serves as a traveling tour guide; mass transit programs, provide information about city transit systems; Commander Compass Lite, a compass tool that can help travelers figure out their way around.

“You can use Commander Compass Lite to track destinations and bearings, hear a beep when approaching your target, and track the sun, moon, and stars,” CNET said. “Press the Location button on the Settings and Calibration menu to view your current location on a Google Map, a satellite map, or a hybrid view.” also suggests using the device for apps that can help translate what you or someone else is trying to say. However, investing in a useful translation tool might be a waste if your tablet's microphone is broken. Rather than miss out on using these types of apps, you might want to seek out iPad repair to ensure all your device is functioning like it was brand new.

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