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The end of summer and beginning of fall means one thing for sports fanatics: Fantasy football leagues are all the buzz and are taking top priority. For those involved in fantasy leagues, this can mean following a dozen different teams or more at once, ensuring all points are tracked and logged. There are a few apps to make the life of a sports enthusiast a little easier.

Men's Fitness recently released a list of the top sports apps for various smartphone platforms. Among the list of iPhone apps was THUUZ, which provides information on upcoming games for multiple sports. Alerts keep users apprised of what time games start and what networks on which they are being broadcast. In addition, an on-the-go function lets users know about above average plays or injuries that could affect their fantasy leagues.

Business Insider also released their own list, “The World's 100 Greatest Apps.” First in the sports section lineup was Team Stream, a customizable platform allowing users to stay informed about multiple teams' news and scores. This app also features social sharing so users can brag to their followers on Twitter or Facebook friends when their quarterback just made a game-clinching play.

ESPN ScoreCenter also made Business Insider's list. This app contains breaking news, real-time game scores as well as videos of the day's top plays. Users can also tailor the app's scoreboard so only relevant news and scores appear. Sports fanatics can see how their favorite team is doing at a glance, or view game scores' affect on their fantasy team's ranking. In addition, push notification support makes sure users are never out of the sports loop.

However, as many sports fans know, when a certain team or player doesn't perform as expected, it can be incredibly frustrating. Many devices have been thrown or smashed in anger when a game takes a turn for the worst. However, if and when this happens, iResQ's iPhone repair and iPad repair services can help.

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