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Top 5 Travel Technology Tips

Top 5 Travel Technology Tips
General Knowledge

While you are (hopefully) excited to get to your favorite vacation destination, we know that often the trip to get there can be boring, unpleasant, or even downright miserable in some cases. Thanks in large part to the technological advancements that we’ve seen over the past couple of years, families across the nation have begun to combat the long hours on the road, in an airport, or on a train with electronic devices. These devices keep us connected to our family and friends back home through real time communication, provide time-passing entertainment, and are a welcome distraction for our younger and older family members alike. However, with the added comfort and distraction comes many different aspects to consider. We’ve compiled a list of our best travel tech tips to keep your travel experience pleasant and your electronics running smoothly.

Back up Your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop Before You Leave

You never know what your vacation has in store for you. While you are still at home, ensure that all your information is backed up to the Cloud or an external hard drive. Not sure how to back up your tech? Our technology help desk expert, Caitlin, is here to help you perform a back up on your Apple or other smart phone and tablets.

Protecting Your Devices Starts at Packing

While packing for your trip, pack your electronics last and in one high quality bag. This will help decrease the likelihood of your tech getting crushed and will be easy to access— no need to rummage through your luggage to grab that iPad or laptop to help pass the time.

Keep in mind that while traveling, things can get messy and your devices aren’t always in your hands. To help protect your tech at all times, invest in a padded bag and high quality protective cases for your devices. If you’re traveling by plane, there are even some TSA-friendly covers (because who wants to spend a minute longer in that line than they have to). The hardest part of a vacation is coming home—don’t make that part harder for yourself by having to deal with broken devices.

• Pro-tip: Use your sunglasses or glasses case to store your charging cords and headphones. This will protect them from crimping or tangling and will make them easier to find!

Take Advantage of New Travel Technology Trends

The pandemic of 2020 had a negative impact on the travel industry. However, airlines have indicated an uptick over the last year as families across the nation are starting to return to traveling more and the tourism industry overall is beginning to pick up again as a result.

To keep up with customer demands, many travel companies have developed or improved upon existing apps to help eliminate some of the more challenging aspects of travel. Gone are the days that you need a full backpack full of the paperwork and documents needed to travel. Many people’s travel experiences have been enhanced by automation and new technology. Digital boarding passes and itineraries, as well as contactless payment and virtual credit cards are all available through various mobile apps and essentially have cut out the hassle of needing to carry everything with you at all times. The use of biometrics is increasing as well and some states even offer an app to keep track of your vaccination status. In fact, there are many technology solutions out there for almost all of your needs so that you can focus on being in the moment and taking in all that your destination has to offer.

Protect Yourself Against Theft

As beneficial as traveling with technology can be, especially with all the apps available to us, this can present some very real risks. As the hospitality industry continues to grow, they are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience, so it is very likely that your hotel room will come equipped with its own safe. To protect yourself against the theft of your tech, ask the receptionist at check-in if your hotel room has a safe in the room. Take advantage of this resource and protect your tech when you aren’t in the room.

Physical theft of a device isn’t the only thing to watch out for anymore. As technology becomes a greater part in our life, thieves have adapted and hackers have risen to steal information straight from your tech without having to be close to you. Protect yourself against this theft by utilizing a hot spot through your provider, pay for secure internet at your location, or use your cellular data in place of internet. If none of these appeal to you or aren’t viable options, you can use the local free internet on your trip, just remember that any information or data that you input on your device (such as passwords and account numbers) is not secure. Proceed with caution.

• Pro-tip: Activate the location services on your devices, so if they do get stolen, you can lock your device remotely and track its location!

Head to iResQ to Repair Your Broken Tech

No matter what you do or how many precautions you take, sometimes your tech ends up breaking or stops functioning as well as it used to. If this is the case, you need someone you can trust to repair your devices. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, a talented team of technicians that treat your device as if it were their own, and a dedicated customer service team, iResQ is the best way to go. Review our repairs and prices on our website here. Don’t see your device or repair needed? Reach out to our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help you!

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