Time for more ink

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So I’m thinking it’s about time for some more ink. Both of my forearms are tattoo’d full color and I’m thinking about finishing the deal and getting sleeves. I go to this really cool place in downtown Kansas City called Mercy Seat. Its got this old school appeal to it – really high ceilings, old wood and even a hidden bookshelf/door that leads into their break room. Super cool place. Thing is, as usual I am seriously indecisive about what I want to do. It’s always a tough decision especially knowing it’ll be there the rest of my life. Gotta get something nice there! Maybe I’ll get a huge iResQ tattoo on my big bald head! HA!! Now that would require a nice raise and perhaps an extra week vacation time per year. Here is a pic of me getting my first tattoo.

Ok so on to my weekly “deal of a lifetime”…

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