Thunderbolt, HO!

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Happy Thursday, everybody! And what a glorious one it is. There are a few things that I want to bring to your attention, if you weren’t aware already. First, as Brian mentioned we have new color backplates for the iPhone 4. They’ve been selling like crazy this week, so you’d better jump on it if you want to change from black to red, pink, or powder blue.

More importantly: Happy Birthday Steve Jobs! Let’s make Mick proud and celebrate with an awful animated .gif:

There have been plenty of rumors and stock implications swirling about in regards to Steve’s health, but he’s been knocked down and got back up again in the past, so why would this time be any different? Still, we at iResQ wish the Apple Chief the quickest of recoveries. Maybe today’s announcement will help: New MacBook Pros!

Improved graphics and faster processors are to be expected with this kind of announcement, but the new Thunderbolt port is a pretty exciting development. Not only does it carry data at a brain-melting 10Gbps, but it does it while offering the accommodation of six (YES SIX) daisy-chained devices, including mini-display, DVI or SVGA displays. Yikes. Just yikes.

Brian sent me a little gem last week that I had to share as well. This is early footage of Steve Jobs before he became the keynote wizard that he is today. Or, was recently. Take a gander.


It’s intriguing to see a man who was so taken by the spectacle of the television broadcast process have such a voice in the technology industry now. Not to sound too much like an Apple fanboy here, but I just don’t think the guy is done yet, regardless of the photos that Gizmodo posts.

One last thing, speaking of influential people developing a voice- I saw The King’s Speech last week and have to plug it. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are both fantastic, and you couldn’t ask for a more inspirational and motivating narrative. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it soon. That’s all for me this week, friends. Cheers.

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