There’s always next year.

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Good Monday morning, everybody. It’s a hazy one here in Kansas City for a few reasons. First, it’s literally hazy as a thick fog is slowly burning off as the sun comes up. I snapped this shot this morning on one of the back roads into iResQ HQ:

It’s eery when it seems like i-35 is deserted until you’re about ten feet from another commuter. The other fog that’s hanging around town is the disaster that is our beloved Chiefs. After being out scored 89-10 in our first two games (that’s one more point than turnovers on the season, if you’re keeping track), and losing our best tight end, running back, and defensive player all to torn ACLs, it’s safe to close the door on the season already. As diehard fans, this is not a place we wanted to revisit already. Cue the rebuilding excuses and the clamoring for Andrew Luck. Now I adamantly protested the media slights all last year, but if we are anything more than dead last in the Power Rankings this week, it’s an injustice to whoever is below us. The end.

There’s not a ton going on in the Apple world this week, other than new retail and online stores opening all over the world. Samsung is apparently poised to throw a patent lawsuit at Apple over wireless technology in the iPhone 5, which I find fascinating after an episode of This American Life that recently aired, all about the insanity that is the world of patent law. Check it out if you want some insight into the dynamics of technological development and commerce.

That’s all for now, friends. Have a great week.

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