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Happy Monday morning, friends! Why should it be happy, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The over-the-weekend reviews of Mac OS 10.6, while fewer than past iterations, are overwhelmingly positive! Users who waited in Apple store lines for Snow Leopard seemed to be thrilled with the new features, especially for a mere twenty-nine American dollars. And for that you get a more streamline OS, visual and practical improvements to apps like Safari and Quicktime, and a whole gaggle of new toys you developer-types are going to love.

In sadder news, The Kansas City Chiefs. That’s it. We Chiefs fans were excited about the prospect of a Herm-free Carl-free season, but it looks like our joy might be short-lived. With an offensive line that apparently has no concern for the safety of our QBs, a starting QB who’s injury is keeping him from starting, and now a fired offensive coordinator, I’m not sure if this season looks any brighter than last year’s two and fourteen debacle. But there’s always hope. In fact, with so much Change, I think there’s more Hope than ever, so I’m going to go ahead and declare that the official slogan of this season’s team. Seems like that worked somewhere before.

For you students out there, welcome back to another semester. Remember iResQ is here to meet all your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone repair needs. Have a great week, and get ready for next week when the NFL season is full on. Pow.

P.S. I think I may have established a record for most hyphenated words in a single blog post. I’ll look into it post-haste.

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