The Price is Riiiiiiggghhhhtt-ah!

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Man I miss the good ole days of The Price is Right.


I remember the sick days of staying home from school and my old jobs where I’d lay around and just soak in all the Plinko and Cliff Hangers.


I don’t know, I just can’t enjoy it as much with Drew Carey.  It just seems like he’s not as into it as Bob was.  He’s not putting much love into his hosting duties.  When I think of Drew’s performance as host, it reminds me of a classic Price is Right horn melody that would play whenever someone would lose at a game.  We’ve been playing it over and over and over here in the office.  As a matter of fact I just put it on my iPod and iPhone:

Drew Carey? Noooooope!


OK so in honor of a great show…. even with Drew hosting, I’m offering the QPON ‘BOB BARKER’ for 6 bucks off of any repair order.    As always, this does not apply to ANY diagnostic service, only repairs!   Just email me at with your order number and the QPON code and I’ll apply it to your order.    Take it easy.

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